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We specialize in Walking Tours that let you explore the 'real Tokyo' covering numbers of both popular and hidden touristic entertainment. Tokyo is a big city loaded with fun spots that satisfies widest variations of tourists from around the world. But how can you reach those spots? Guidebook? Internet? Buzzy info? Are they reliable enough to let your itinerary gets fixed and worth risking your precious time over? Don't worry. Our walking tours will let you visit those destinations easily with your dedicated bilingual tour guide. You only focus on having fun, not the map!


What is an walking tour?

Do most of the people in your country use a private car with chauffeur to move around? Probably not. Likewise, Tokyoites wisely use the well-organized and networked public transportation systems like trains and subways to get away from the traffic jam and save money. So, why not experience the real Tokyo like a local feeling a breeze directly, not through a window glass apart. In downtown Tokyo, you'll hit the subway station if you walk a few blocks. Trains are very clean, frequent and safe. Taxis are driven by polite drivers and equipped with reliable fare meter. There is no reason for not using it. Our tours are operated using those public transportation. Although transportation fee is not included in the tour fare, it should not exceed around 1000 yen, or 10-15 USD. The tour is arranged to your order so you won't be mixed up with someone else you don't know. And most of all, our tours will be led by the nationally licensed bilingual interpreter-guide. Tour schedule is very flexible. If you want to start early/late, stay longer in one location, skip any location, that's totally welcome. Take advantage of the nature of a private tour!


Regular group tours vs. Our private walking tours

Here's the simple comparison of regular group tours vs. our private walking tours.

Regular group tours Our private walking tours
Style Group - Mixed with other people Private - You and your people only
Timetable Fixed - No change allowed Flexible - You decide
Schedule Fixed - You adjust Flexible - Made to your request
Itinerary Just covering popular spots Many off-the-beaten tracks
Communication Just within a group (if any) Plenty with the local guide
Pricing Per person...not necessarily inexpensive if group of many Per group (up to 6)
Transportation Included - mostly coach Not included - You'll experience what the local would do
Admission Often included Not included


Experienced guides

All of our tour guides are nationally-certified, fully-experienced, and most of all, have the highest pride in their tours. Unlike operating other large-grouped tours, small private walking tour requires much ad-hoc responsiveness and communication capability. Why spend your valuable time in a coach? Have our guides show you the town!

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